From the News Feed to the San Sebastian Film Festival. Nespresso rolls out the red carpet for everyone!


Since Nespresso is one of the sponsors of San Sebastian Film Festival, it was a great opportunity to get some marketing social media activity. The choice fell on a contest with a cinema quiz, not too difficult, yet entertaining. What’s especially nice are the prizes – two double invitations for the festival, combined with fine dining experience in the brands’ crown jewel, Atelier Espresso. Looks like a chance to feel like a movie star! Any particular one comes to your mind? Why are Smart Apps the best choice for organizing News Feed competitions?

Well, first of all, interactive competitions are more engaging for the users. Then, it’s possible to set any task or goal of the contest. Playable elements can be implemented inside the app, actually, everything takes place in the app. So we get rid of the mess with managing leads or the necessity to communicate with participants via Facebook. All data can be nicely organized in a spreadsheet. The response among Spanish fans was quite impressive for such a quick competition: Over 2,5K reactions, 50 comments and nearly 70 shares on a single post… These are some statistics every fanpage would appreciate.

There are two ways to perform a contest using Post Sticker’s Smart Apps: One of them is our dashboard, where subscribers can create using one of 40 pre-built, yet customizable scenarios, you can check them out here. Our team is always here to help with any questions or doubts. We can also create the whole dashboard app for you, in case you’re short on time. The second option is the custom Smart App, like the one discussed above. Here, the possibilities much greater. Get creative, you name it, we create it!

To bring your ideas to reality, contact us at We’re always up for a challenge!

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