Get to know the Fanta gang, win or #playitbetter next week!


Social media becomes more and more fast paced. Quick! Three quiz questions, open text contest and e-mail collection.

Fanta introduced some cartoon characters that are present in all Fanta’s campaigns. Questions In case of mostly wrong answers, the last screen would tell users to come back next week. While the main idea of the App reamained, questions and other details changed every week. New content always get more attention and new quizes mean more chances for winning. If the number of correct answers was sufficient, the final screen would advise participants to check the mail, cause they may have already won! This particular App was custom made, but it’s possible to create similar by oneself in under 15 minutes using our intuitive panel. Just contact with us and we will provide you with the access. is the good address for interactive social media promotion.


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