#GirlsRule and choose what they want from Deichmann!


What women adore more than weekend shopping? Weekend shopping in with huge discounts. Deichmann Poland launched campaign #GirlsRule and let them vote to a way of getting markdown through our app. What is more, summarized amount of all gotten votes gradually drop shoes prices, from ten to even forty percent.

Deichmann asked us for two little bit different apps, one suiting to Facebook, and the second one for their website. What is more, they wanted to get votes counted as a sum from both apps, so we had to create some connection between them. No problem – our team of programmers handle such things easily.


The app is very simple in usage and doesn’t require approving Facebook privacy policies, it just acts like a video but does much more! That’s why action gathers thousands of votes and attracts clients attention. Interested in similar service? Don’t hesitate to ask about anything: contact@poststicker.com.

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