Give your followers the stage, crank up your post engagement, go Live and award your followers with the gifts they specifically want!


Butik, a big online shoe retailer, asked their followers to vote for the shoes they would like to buy. The brand have decided to give the stage to their followers in a pretty straightforward, but very effective way! Users voted either with # comments or Facebook Reactions on the shoes they like most. Why using both ways to engage works best?

Some people prefer Reactions, some like #comments – don’t neglect anybody target both groups and those who are in between with our Live App. It pays back, like it did for Butik’s latest Live post.


In the end the person who managed to stay on top of the voting and their name was displayed within the live broadcast was awarded with the pair of shoes they picked. Simple, yet hyperactive way of cranking up your post engagement.


Views: 57k
Reactions: 1,7k
Comments: 123k

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