Give your opinion and get rewarded – Almonta x Post Sticker collabo!


When we think of a creamy cheese spread the first thing that comes to our mind is usually Almonta – world’s leading cheese producer. It’s not surprising that such a significant company cares about the quality of their product as well as about innovative marketing solutions. What’s more, they also know that nowdays there’s no better place than social media to run a successful campaign.

Innovation for social media that’s what Smart Apps re for! Post Sticker is an expert of this discipline. That’s why Almonta decided to collaborate with us to create an interactive app visible directly in the News Feed.

Share your thoughts about Almonta and its packaging by typing them on the app’s screen, leave personal data and get a coupon for free product or a 25$ gift card for Publix market- how simple is that! All managed by one Post Sticker’s News Feed post!


CLICK HERE to see how the app worked live on Facebook!

If you are interested in our solutions, don’t hesitate! Write us on and we will prepare something extra for you!

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