Glad with targeting clients in respect of their age? Kiehl’s does it considering their kind of complexion… and supplies fans with samples!


Don’t you know Kiehl’s? If you are a man, you are justified, but for own assurance don’t avow it to your girlfriend. This luxurious brand producing natural cosmetics came to an idea to spread their samples to current and potential clients. However, how would pale skin look like with reddish cream? Taking blind eye on US politics, nobody even tries to do it.

In association with Kiehl’s marketing specialists, we created simple and approachable Smart App enabling brand to send their cosmetics samples accordingly to people’s kind of skin. Since you can get one of as many as 16 possible outcomes, you can be sure that these particular products are tailor-made, especially for you. Click twice to answer on questions concerning your type of complexion and provide your mail data – that’s all you are obliged to do to find the right cream in your letter-box.


Pinning post with our app on two million fans Kiehl’s page proves success of their campaign. Innovative way to strengthen the bond with customers warmed company’s image, what is easily findable in thankful comments. Vielen Dank Kiehl’s for successful cooperation!

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