Grant’s fans help the brand to fit in local traditions and conquer the Polish market. Go Bigos!


Despite food-pairing is a quite basic cooking skill, it’s not that commonly met as we may think. We can always go to a restaurant, ask for an advice while choosing the meal and try to repeat it at home, but conditions of bistros are rather different than those in our kitchens. Instead, we should rather consider pairing our usual meals with drinks that we like and try to find the best matches. If we discover something special, then we can be calm about what to offer our guests when they come to a dinner party.

Grant’s, a popular whisky brand, faced a tough challenge entering Polish market. Polish cuisine for centuries has been paired mainly with vodka and wine – whisky was poorly accessible
and found as a titbit. That’s why the brand decided to entertain their followers and ask them which Polish traditional dish matches with Grant’s best. To make sure that people will be interested in taking part and could do it within two minutes, the company turned to us
for a Post Sticker contest app. As usual, the app handled the whole process – it verified participants’ age, gathered their answers and matched with leads and drew 5 winners,
who received bottles of Grant’s and double invitations to food-pairing workshops.


Organizing contests is a great tool when it comes to promoting brands, but the right frame
and place are essential to get the best of their potential. If you want to know how we can enrich your marketing campaign, just get in touch with us at

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