Have you ever got shoes for solving puzzles? After this campaign, some may say „Sure”!


This custom App is a perfect example of Stick&Play games and Smart Apps contest potentials, put together. CCC had a few pairs of adidas neos to distribute between the fans.

To make things little bit more difficult for the participants, the task that needed to be completed was the Stick & Play Sliding puzzle game. And they can be quite tricky sometimes. In comparison to standard Sliding Puzzles games, this one was completed with a button to preview the prizes at the beginning and the essential lead collection at the end. Smart Apps and Stick&Play Games come in many different forms and for many purposes. One thing is sure – they revive the News Feed traffic and diversify the activities on fanpages all around the world, or World Wide Web, to be specific.

Any idea for putting Stick&Play games into good use? Ask us at contact@poststicker.com and remember, there are no stupid questions, just great cooperations to come!


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