Have you ever had a luxury dinner while watching a Jennifer Lopez performance? Dubai Airports makes it possible with a Post Sticker Smart App!


Even if you are not a fan of tuxedos, watching the Academy Awards or the Nobel Prize Ceremony surely made you want to be there at least once. A lifestyle of celebrities and rich businessmen has its drawbacks too, but who wouldn’t like to experience its splendor at least
for a while?

Dubai Airports organized a Gala Dinner starring Jennifer Lopez herself. It was an invitation-only event, but how much an airport matters without its passengers? The organizers decided
to invite true fans of J.Lo to attend the gala. They turned to us for a Post Sticker app that could verify the knowledge of Dubai Airport followers about the life and career of the star of the evening. Those who correctly answered closed questions and creatively described why they should be invited had a chance to win a double ticket to the event. Numerous fans of Jennifer Lopez would do anything to be there and some of them did it through the Smart App!


Independently from your motivations, when it comes to innovative ways of promoting your brand, you can always get in touch with us at contact@poststicker.com.

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