Henryk Kania entertains its fans and avoids being scrolled down!


Scroll; video including ‘tag a friend who…’; scroll, scroll, some advertisement, scroll… Despite Facebook is the most popular Social Media platform, it still deludes us with tons of content that we are not interested in. Breaking such boredom seems to be an answer to ‘how to entertain my fans and attract new ones’ question.

That’s why Henryk Kania, a manufacturer of meats, turned to us for a Smart App providing
a little bit of joy for its fans. Users’ goal is to click at appearing products until losing all of five lives. The app may not carry any important message, however, in the era of surrounding information, providing a simple fun brings lots of value too. What is more, inviting followers
to share their results and praising them for it in the comments builds a positive relation
and improves brand’s image.


If you are interested or simply want to know more about Post Sticker Smart Apps, just write
to us at: contact@poststicker.com. Our creative team can prepare a free visualization of an App prepared specially for your brand (for the discounted price of 0$/€/£), so you can see how it works on your own example!

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