Herlitz reminds their fans: your future is in your hands!


Does a view of colourful pens remind you of the times you went to primary school? In fact, even those, who were uninterested in drawing had fun while making their notebooks embellished! The role of school accessories in our early childhood is often underestimated, but a content
of backpacks and pencil cases may strongly influence its owner and push her/him in some creative direction.

Herlitz, a producer of office supplies, turned to us for an app targeted at youngsters. The quiz analyses children’s choices in areas like favourite way of spending free time or an approach
to learning. Then, one of six career paths (football player, fire-fighter, competitive swimmer, teacher, hairdresser and dancer) is suggested and app’s users are invited to click through
the landing page; Herlitz prepared six special school packs designed to meet all kinds
of children’s needs!


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