Hits ‘the party cookies’ will guess your type of a party style, just click through the test!


What we heve here is a cassic example of a fun personality test. There is no contest, no click throughs and no data collection. Just a psychotest that is meant to be completed and shared for pure entartainment. For the brand, on the other hand, it’s good for image maintenance and social media visibility.

So, the viral scheme here would go as follows: A Hit fan sees the post with the Smart App in the News Feed, completes the test and shares the app with a personalized initial screen with his/her sesult, friends pick it up, the story repeats and the app gets the reaches. Answering a set of humorous questions would bring the participants one of four possible results: ”Couch potato”, ”Undefeated king of dance”, ”Hidden tiger, crouching dragon” or ”Party animal”. Every result was accompanied by a short description of the party type and the ”share” button. This sort of fun Apps allow brands to advertise in a better way – more interactivity means less boredom, right? Nowadays, the News Feed the News Feed marketing is a must, and it’s not as easy as it seems. Fanpages need to diversify the content. Post Sticker’s Smart Apps are the tool that will take any Facebook profile to a new level.

Contact us at contact@poststicker.com, tell us something about your brand, and we will tell what kind of Smart App you need!


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