How do you teach your children about finances? PKO wanted to know your ways and asked about them right in parents’ Facebook News Feed

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At first sight, the least attractive way of spending time with your kids; more for the kids probably than for the parents, but PKO Bank based one of their recent interaction on that particular idea and they got it absolutely right. The bank has transformed the Quiz + Open Text default format into a nice offer teaser with some educational value.

The flow was pretty simple; a few quiz questions related to PKO BP offer and a creative one in the end. The secret lay in between; the brand wanted to know how do parents teach children about finances and invited them to share their ideas about. If the jury liked the concept there were benefits for both parents and kids at the same time. The good old win-win proved right once again and instead of posting comments under a giraffe pic, users clicked their way through the Post Sticker’s Smart Ad to win a 1,5 high plush giraffe for their kids!


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