How to be sure that your TV ad will be attractive? Żabka simply asked people.


The boundary between successful and discouraging marketing campaign is thinner than you may think. There are catchy slogans going viral and catchy slogans hated by everyone. Both are prepared by marketing specialists, so the question is whether avoiding launching these weak is really possible?

The genius is in the simplicity. Żabka asked us for creating an app allowing people to vote for better add by concrete hashtag. Consumers like to be heard and have an influence on company’s actions, even if it’s advertising dog’s food discount.
Our app consists these two videos with votes counter (in percentages terms) underneath. The app doesn’t require any allowances from Facebook privacy policy, so one click suffices to run it up. Most of our clients prefer voting by different reactions (like/love), but Żabka wanted to use hashtags. No problem – Post Sticker’s Smart App connects the comments with the counter.
Willy-nilly ads are part of our environment, so we are content with our little contribution to launching the good ones!


Post Sticker team is ready for a challenge! Just send us a brief or an idea for the App and we’ll prepare a visualization within 48 hours, free of charge:

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