How to make your product launch ABSOLUTely beneficial?


August, drinks, limes… What kind of associations have aroused in your head? Hope that you have something to cool you there – it isn’t a bad scenario if it fits in a glass!

Absolut, a popular vodka brand, launched its new lime taste. On this occasion, they decided
to organize a contest for their fans, asking about the flavours that match with a bitter-sweet taste of limes. The most creative responders had an opportunity to win one out of twenty provided Absolut Lime bottles. It’s worth to mention that Absolut had a great idea on how
to use received email addresses – they decided not to send out standard ads, but instead asked users about their favourite topics related to alcohol consumption. Drinks recipes, events notifications, production curiosities? Choose one of them and avoid unwanted spam!
Smart Apps not only generate leads, but also can manage and regroup them in the most beneficial way.


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