How to promote events on Facebook? (Orange Video Fest)

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If you’re wondering how to promote events on Facebook we may give you a hint on that. To say the least, the good old way of creating an event and sharing it via a bit of help from the side of attendees may no longer be the interaction your brand is looking for.

Not so long ago, a few weeks back, Stick and Play has come up with a new and highly engaging way of promoting variety of content on Facebook – Post Sticker. To cut the long story short – we moved out the most popular app formats to News Feed, right where people are! Click-to-play, without going anywhere else, without invasive permissions or spammy data fishing, just interacting within a post! In the beginning the service was offering around a dozen different forms of interaction you could pick from and prepare an interactive post for your brand. Since then, we been working our heads off to meet the market demand and literally in a week, or two, we’re firing off over 40 (sic!) new formats. Yay!

In the meantime to give you an idea of what an event promoting app may look and behave like we would like to share one, very interesting case study we’ve managed to implement for Orange Video Fest with our partners at Life Tube Agency. The OVF was the first edition of a great initiative aimed at promotion, education and networking with the most acclaimed YouTubers; Stuart Edge, SA Wardęga, Furious Pete or Professional Competitive Eater to name a few. Attendees could not only meet their beloved YouTubers, get some hands-on experience and have a small chat with them but also take part in a series of lectures given by handful of experts from variety of market fields or enjoy themselves during great selection of shows around. Truly, a big YouTube festival! Summing up, here is what we did via our new service – Post Sticker.

We have transformed our Trivia smart app into a YouTubers know-all contest, where people could win free tickets to the Orange Video Fest. The flow was petty simple; from a number of pre-set questions, every time somebody clicked-to-play on the publication icon a random question was asked with a possible answers to choose from. Once a proper answer was given, user could win a ticket by writing a short justification for being the chosen lucky winner of free OVF pass. By leaving their most creative justification and leaving the email address, the jury was picking the lucky group who would get in to the Fest for free.


However, the best part is about to come now! Everybody spread the word, throughout the seven days prior to the event, the interactive post has been shared by majority of invited YouTubers on their Facebook pages and the organizers themselves. And that’s what call great event promotion!

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If you like the idea, or have something that you would like to promote in a bit different way, hit as at We’ll get back to you within minutes!

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