If you thought that all important titles are beyond your reach, Kupiec cheers its followers up: you can always be The Rice Wafers Expert!


Do you remember those times when very few people thought about the ingredients of instant food? Fortunately, it has changed and FMCG companies care more and more about the health aspects of their products. Some of them, while running marketing campaigns, focus
on highlighting that their food is fully natural and this way gain an important competitive advantage.

Kupiec, a producer of organic food, promotes its new products: rice wafers with Belgian chocolate. The company targets dieting people, so the new snack must not only look tasty,
but also be known for its healthy ingredients. On that occasion, we made a short quiz verifying participants’ knowledge about the wafers. The need to achieve the title of The Rice Wafers Expert pushes users to learn more about the new product. What is more, as quizzes make people spend more time on pages than usual posts, the product placement is done much more effectively!


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