If your smartphone meets all your needs like Sony Xperia does, the only worry is… Will it fit in your pocket?


Today’s technology is stunning: smartphones have better processors than computers few years ago and innovations blur the boundaries that previously seemed to be obvious and strict. Usual smartphone user doesn’t use even half of its functions, but as always, few dilemmas remain – between others, will my new gadget fit in my pocket?

New series of Sony Xperia contains every function that we would like to have, like for example great speakers in Hi-Res Audio technology, video recording in super slow motion, or water resistance – these are the features by which the new series outperforms its competitors.
What is more, Sony is aware of people’s different smartphone size preferences, so they launched three versions of Xperia XZ. The Post Sticker quiz makes its users aware of XZ uniqueness and based on their answers suggests one of three phones as the best matched
in terms of their size.


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