In the TNT theatre, everybody sits in the first row!


When it comes to entertainment these days, theatre is not the most popular place to go to have fun. Yet, those classic plays wrote by Shakespeare can still make you cry or laugh, even if you are not the biggest fan of drama. It gets much more exciting if you make the whole experience interactive – something similar to when the audience takes part in the show, engaging in the story and interacting with the actors.

In the TNT case, they decided to promote their new TV series about the young Shakespeare through an app presenting a Victorian theatre. To win the award, users were supposed to find six characteristic elements of certain Shakespeare’s play. The Post Sticker app contains
an embedded mechanism allowing to rotate a view what imitates looking around. When all attributes are found and marked, the answer to ‘Which Shakespeare’s play do they refer to?’ question is the last step left to take part in the prize draw.


We are glad that our app contributes to promoting the world of theatre, even if it’s related
to the TV series primarily. However, there is nothing wrong about that – Promoting less popular but valuable content requires taking approachable and up-to-date measures. Interested? Ask us how we do it at

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