International voting is off our bucket list, thanks to Vileda!


Vileda needed a name for their new, revolutionary mop & bucket system. Well “Vox populi, vox dei” they say, so why not let the people choose the name? It seems a good idea to make sure it will be the one to remember. But, how to perform this massive voting operation? Here comes our part!

It would take a while to imagine a better use for our smart apps than something like this. Since the voting was about to be held in 6 countries, there was also a need for an app that would handle quite an amount of information. And we can handle this! Our app combined a video material and a voting section that consisted of 6 buttons with proposed names on them. User’s job was to click on one of the answers while watching the promotional video. The video is especially interesting since it takes place during a convention of Vileda buckets. We can learn some information about the revolutionary product that the spokesbucket tells us about in perfect gibberish with subtitles. Voting was followed by greetings, and no data collection was required.

Do you want to know if you can use Post Sticker on your fanpage? Contact us at, and we’ll figure it out!


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