Intersport & Adidas invite you to join the game – Lionel Messi and James Rodriguez are waiting!


Being sporty is trendy and every company that has anything in common with active lifestyle, should expose these features to improve its image. However, reaching bored Facebook scrollers requires other tools than ‘Go out!’ message and generally it can’t help in any way
in driving a stream of sales funnel. So, how to accomplish two goals simultaneously?

Adidas and Intersport give all marketers a good lesson. They asked us for a Post Sticker Game, consisting a simple play between James Rodriguez and Leo Messi. When it comes to attracting scrollers, such ungated piece of fun seems to be the right boredom breaker. However, when
the game is over, James & Leo invite users to have a look at new Adidas soccer shoes. You can expect people to willingly do something for you (i.e. check your fresh collection) if you give
the carrot, in a form of few minutes of fun, first – and that’s exactly what Intersport & Adidas did!


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