Is your second name Van Nistelrooy? Heineken needs your Ruud-like selfies!

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Champions League, beer and competition that’s music for men ears! Heineken has come up with a unique idea of motivating their main target group and engaging them into a photo competition without much hassle on users side – the man’s way.

All that contestants had to do was pop in to Tesco, grab a 4-pack of Heineken, keep the receipt, open their Facebook and take part in the contest. Right in their News Feed they had click-to-play the Heineken’s Smart App, type in the code from the receipt, their personal data and upload their Ruud-alike selfie, either performing football tricks or simply player’s look-likes. The award was the best part of the game – invitations for the final match in Berlin, straight from Ruud’s pocket! Players could get their chances bigger by entering more receipt codes and posting more photos. Worth playing? Ofc! Especially if the other awards were bottles of Heineken. Game on!

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