Jacob’s Creek promotes Australia, Australia promotes Jacob’s Creek


Even if you have never been in Australia, you have to know a few facts about this hot country. They not only have rare animals able to kill you within few seconds, but also a great taste in wines. Jacob’s Creek is a leading brand in Australia’s wine industry and, according to different rankings, providing the best quality.

Jacob’s Creek exports their products across the world and promotes Australian culture and food. In Poland, the brand organizes a ‘Grand Australian Picnic’. What can we expect from it? Just imagine a party full of roasted meats, famous chefs and delicious wine. Of course, how you could suppose – the tickets are available to win through a Post Sticker’s Smart App. The only thing needed to get a free entrance is completing a very short quiz concerning Australia and their cuisine. Take part, drink Jacob’s Creek, try a well-done steak and pray for sunny weather. At least, in Poland it means 25 Celsius, not a heat wave making spiders sweat venom.


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