JBC and Post Sticker joined forces to let people meet their favorite singer!


JBC is a Dutch chain of stores with clothing, fashion items and accessories. This season, they decided on a collaboration with Belgian singer, actress, host and model – Karen Damen.
The company turned to us to come up with a simple quiz to create interest in the brand and give something back to their fans.

The question asked in the quiz was “What is Karen’s first solo single called? Een Ander…” – 
the user had to finish the sentence and choose between “seizoen” (season), “lief” (sweetheart), “land” (country) and “spoor” (track), the latter being the correct answer. Another task was
to guess the estimate number of people that participated in the quiz. The winner of the game got double tickets to Karen Damen’s show!


If you want to benefit in both the long and short run with just one marketing action, we’ve just given you an example that Post Sticker apps can do that for you. Feel free to contact us at contact@poststicker.com.

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