Jeep and Fiat take all! Forget the well-worn Facebook post for any special occasion, their Smart Ads surprise.

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What’s on today? Eh… it’s Spaghetti day, let’s post something related to this marvellous occasion if the New Year is over. Hold on…

We’re all somehow fed up with these well-worn Facebook posts celebrating any special occasion out there. Brands got bored too! That’s why we were really happy to see Jeep and Fiat asking about something exceptional they could use in order to get their fans interested and utilise the calendar at the same time.

We came up with this idea for interactive Facebook Smart Ads based on one of our default ad format – Open-Text Contest. But this time we have decided to cut the long story short. We have completely got rid of the welcome screen users usually see when the click-to-play. Instead the Smart Ad fired off a nice and sleek question right away, of course in News Feed. The brands prompted their fans to boost their creativity and answer an open-text question like “What would be the dream car of a modern dad and why?” Top answers were awarded with special gifts from Jeep or Fiat as contestants identified themselves with emails in the end.

The most important thing in the whole idea was that each of the brands could make use of their Smart Ads and transform them in second according to the coming calendar events! They can still come useful to social media managers.



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