Johnnie Walker asks about their fans shopping preferences to apply to their tastes even better with News Feed survey!

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Ever wanted to find out what your fans’ shopping habits are? Well, that’s pretty obvious especially when we’re talking e-commmerce business, but for a brand it may also be of great importance. Getting to know your customers and their habits is crucial. Johnnie Walker knows and has decided to survey their Facebook followers right in their News Feed section. No only did the brand run a detailed questionnaire but has also organised a contest where users could win a bottle or two!

The flow was pretty straightforward; the brand has customised the YES/NO Smart App scenario and come up with an app that allowed for asking shopping habits related questions, closed type and multiple choice ones and in the end let customers speak their minds by answering an open-text task! The questions were addressed to those who are thinking of spirits as a good gift idea, whether for a special occasion, Xmas surprises or as a welcome present. The scope of answers covered by the questionnaire was smart enough to give the Johnnie Walker team some valuable knowledge as to what their customers expect and consider while shopping for gifts!


If you’re thinking about running a survey in News Feed, or have any other ideas of interacting your audience in a smart and valuable way, do not hesitate to get in touch with us!

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