Kenwood, De Longhi and Finish – what those three brands have in common? Post Sticker’s Smart App Contests!


Let’s put all cards on the table – all of the mentioned brands had actually run contests in their News Feed with the Post Sticker Smart App scenarios recently. Very simple, yet engaging scenario turned their usual post into something their Facebook communities have never seen before. 

Most of us enjoys short and catchy quizzes, yet more people like when the brand actually asks their personal opinions about their offer. What’s even more interesting and attention grabbing is the fact that Kenwood, De Longhi and Finish decided to make the reviews and contest works visible to everybody in dedicated page tabs on their Facebook Pages. So when anybody wanted to share their opinion or their contest entry they left their personal details, wrote the creative review and automatically got it shared in a given Page Tab. Of course, by doing so users could win a variety of awards, starting from really big ones, finishing on bonus stuff. 

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Each of the brands got their interactive posts designed in a bit different way too. Finish engaged users with the same Smart App in two different countries, therefore languages, in French and English at the same time. Kenwood, on the other hand supported their main campaign with a bit of a twisted scenario – once a week users picked a mystery box and out of the hidden ingredients had to come up with a dish and share their recipe. In addition, the App has also been shared by a celebrity Masterchef Magda Gessler on her own Facebook Page. 

With Post Sticker the combinations are pretty much infinite and that’s what our partners like the most; they can combine not two, not three but even four different scenarios and turn a simple interactive post in a powerful Smart App for collecting leads! 



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