Show us your recipe and upload a photo of your dish into a Post Sticker app. May the best cook win!


Traditional or modern – what’s the better way to spend Christmas Eve? Like in most cases, it’s
a matter of opinion, and opinions are something that companies love to collect from their customers. After all, it’s a crucial part of their marketing actions.

Kenwood had a very clever idea of conducting a competition, which could profit their marketing campaign in a few ways, and chose Post Sticker app as the mean of doing it. It served as a promotion of their new product, a market research and the way to generate user-generated content. It required the participants to share a recipe, for a dish they would make on a Christmas Eve with the Kenwood Cooking Chef robot.

The company gained important information on what their customers are interested in, which is something that could influence their future decision-making process. They could also use those ideas in their recipe books or publish them in their social media channels. There was also the more obvious, promotional, aspect of their competition. Since everyone likes winning things, such content usually gets a wide reach and a high engagement rate. Additionally, it builds some sort of affinity to the brand, especially for those who had the chance to win the special prize – the Kenwood Cooking Chef robot.


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