KFC specialites come in many different shapes, just like Post Sticker’s apps!


KFC has developed quite a taste for Post Sticker apps! After a very successful “what cheese are you?” personality test, time has come for another one!

This time, the aim was to create a light-hearted, fun to play app with multiple prizes and considerably high chances of winning. Every day the app was on the run, 50 contestants have been receiving cinema tickets for two. Since the gameplay was so fast paced and there were so many winners, the need to minimalize the repetitiveness appeared. It has been solved by creating over 80 guessing screens with shapes and answers.

As a result, people returning to the contest, (another day another chance for the prize!), would be less likely to see the same questions. To make things more dynamic, every question had a time barrier of 15 seconds. The contest included a complete personal data panel. After filling the gaps, participants could retake the app for greater chances of winning. Organizing contests with some dose of regularity surely works well for the company’s image, especially when the form surprizes!


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