Lajkonik does its best to bring some special MEMOries back!


A role of positive associations related with advertised products was always important,
but nowadays it seems to be a crucial factor in the success of every marketing campaign. Commercials were always full of celebrities, but their task was formerly limited to draw people’s attention and say something nice about the product. Nowadays, being famous isn’t enough to be a precious marketing asset – more important is being influential. Storytelling enriches every campaign, but it’s not the only tool to arouse positive associations – digital marketing offers equally efficient solutions using more interactive formats.

Lajkonik, a producer of salty snacks, turned to us asking for a Memory game related with its new marketing campaign. The game contains six pairs of family pictures and users’ task is
to match them as soon as possible. To make it happen, they must focus on these images much more carefully than they would do it in case of traditional advertisements. When the game is over, the app’s users have a possibility to win the award, but they have to respond to the open question first. ‘What moments are the most important for you?’ – asking about that makes people recall those special times, so the positive associations arouse immediately! What is more, organizing a contest through an app allows the company to gather numerous leads.


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