Lajkonik takes us back to our childhood days with a Post Sticker gaming app!


In the fast-moving, and often stressful lives we have now, it’s sometimes nice to have
a flashback to our childhood years. We can realize how carefree we used to be, and how we lived from day to day without any significant plans.

Lajkonik decided to use a Post Sticker app to make a throw-back to our past and bring back some of those memories. Who remembers the childhood game of pick-up sticks? Those who participated had a chance to forget about their present quandaries and enjoy the simplicity
of the past. One who made it to the bottom of the pile of pretzels had to answer a short open question and was submitted to the contest with prizes. Marketing is all about arousing interest in the brand. One way of doing that is by evoking positive emotions in our consumers
with the content we create.


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