Launch your new offer – the viral way! KFC goes viral with Post Sticker

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How come some posts go wide enough to get spotted by everybody around and some pass unnoticed? Let’s simplify the answer and focus on two main reasons; the reach and the content.

A few months ago we’ve woken up in a completely different reality where all post need a boost to get noticed, no matter how big your Facebook Fanpage is. Pay up and you will get spotted. That is true only to some extent, fortunately. If so, then it’s high time we focused on the latter – the content. It still matters, and not only to the infamous edge-rank, but also to people. We’ve got some hands-on experience and seen many brands doing variety of interactions that didn’t turn out be as successful as planned and the other way round, most of the time, luckily. One of those has recently clearly stood out and gained loads of exposure, and it wasn’t only the case of the money spent. Thus, infinite post boosting proves sometimes not only to be inefficient but also waste of money. At some point, interaction doesn’t rise accordingly to the budget spent – content is the king. KFC proved their best.

On the occasion of launching their new offer, cheese-related, the brand has decided to activate their Facebook community and engage them in a very smart quiz, based of course on Post Sticker’s Quiz smart app. ‘What type of cheese are you?’ – to cut the long story short the whole point was to promote the 4 types of cheese toppings people could pick from when ordering their chicken meals. It went viral, like big time, not only due to the adequate budget, but mostly because of the fact that the copywriting was really well-thought through! Yes – you heard it right. The initial question itself have woken up variety of annotations and the further in the smart app the more troll-like it was, to name at lease one of those awkward questions: What would be the best cheese to throw at your friends? proved catchy enough to be shared by many. Users were bombarded with a few of those in turns and asked to pick their answers. The Grande finale left no space for any extra desires – smart summary of the choices they have made. At first sight a bit longish, but at the same time clever enough to get read. Who wouldn’t like to know their cheesy personally side?!


In addition, at the same time, the brand has created a puzzle game that users also clicked-to-play right in their News Feed. Fired off a couple of days after the Cheesy Quiz, the branded game, based on one of our Puzzle engines, was promoting the meals themselves. As stated, KFC got “so confused” by the amount of cheese served lately that asked their fans to help them solve the puzzle on a variety of levels. Puzzles were naturally sleek photos of the meals and right before each level a pop-up teased about a particular cheese type. Take a look at the screenshots below to see how simple, yet entertaining it was.


The bundle we described, a smart app and a branded game fired off one after another turned out really great. Drop us a line if you think your brand could benefit from any type of interaction we could provide. We’re ready to help. You name it, Cheddar Blue or Cheese?

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