Lay’s are for the people, so the flavours are up to them too!


The times when crisps had only few flavours ended a long time ago, as people’s tastes become more and more demanding and sophisticated. However, launching new flavours is a huge challenge for the brand, since one failed experiment may harm company’s image for a long time. So, how to be sure that people are going to like your novelty?

The easiest solutions tend to be the best and there is no exception this time. Lay’s launched three new flavours for a trial and allowed people to decide which one will remain on stores’ shelves. In aim to expose their openness to consumers’ choices and increase the reach, Lay’s asked their followers to vote with Facebook shares, make a screenshot, paste it in the comments and justify their opinions. Post Sticker eased that process, generating an image
of chosen flavour on users’ News Feeds once the user clicked ‘share’. In exchange for users’ favours, Lay’s rewarded them, providing vouchers to a popular chain store. Seems to be a fair deal!


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