L’Oreal Infallible foundation calls for follproof Post Sticker test!


Introducing discount for not one, but two products is always very exciting. L`Oreal chose Post Sticker and made it even more awesome!

With our app, L`oreal interacted with customers only in Facebook News Feed, with no need for switching to third party accplications! The idea is that the 40% discount will be availble only after taking the test made out od 3 simple hot or not questions, that are created to help customers choose between Infallible 24H or Infallible 24H-MATTE. It`s a genius way to interact with customers and see what their needs are!

At the end, our app redirects customers to L`Oreal Infallible landing page, encourging to participate in a contest. What a great way to getting to know your customers!

Are your fans bored with the same type of Facebook advertising? We will gladly mix it up a little bit for them! Hit us up at contact@poststicker.com and we will present you with an amazing offer!

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