Magne-B6 Active runs campaign about stress and the bars go up!


There are different sources of stress and surely similar number of ways to deal with it. However, it doesn’t shrink, but rather expands, also to other society groups, hitherto not associated with fast lifestyle and huge stake of responsibilities. Sanofi, Magne-B6 Active producer, launched a campaign concerning this problem and had a great idea how to gather people and draw their attention.

They asked us for creating very simple Smart App – users were supposed to only answer what is their way to handle stress, choosing from three options: physical activeness, surrounding themselves with cool and friendly people or cultivate hobbies and do other pleasant things. The app counted specific hashtags in the post where it’s been uploaded. Voting in a hashbattle makes it more popular and increases completion rate.


As Post Sticker team we are glad that we have our little contribution to reduce this negative social phenomenon.

If you are interested in usage this same tool to boost your posts audience, don’t hesitate to write us on address

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