McDonald’s draws attention to their novelties. Don’t open that while you’re hungry!


How much time do you think you spend watching a single billboard or a poster? Surely
it depends on the content being displayed, but it rarely exceeds five seconds. Announcing novelties through an old-fashioned marketing tools can’t be effective as people don’t care about what they see anymore.

However, what if the content was provided in an encouraging form, making it interesting
for users to pay attention to marketers’ message? In this case, McDonald’s turned to us
to create a Post Sticker Puzzle Smart App promoting freshly launched Maestro Grilled Cheese Menu. We all know this feeling when a view of big juicy burger stuns us for a while – consider what it’s like if you match the pieces and look at it for two minutes…Are you hungry already?


We are strongly satisfied with our cooperation with McDonald’s, as this is the company that understands the up-to-date marketing and Social Media specifics very well. If you would like
to know what we can do for your brand, get in touch with us at

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