Media Expert lets FIFA series fans express their passion and awards them for it!


When it comes to football, everyone considers him/herself to be wiser than all the coaches
and referees. Bad tactics, wrong first squad, substitutions made without intuition – there is
no chance to watch match with a group of people without hearing these comments. Those who follow football news every day and watch matches regularly usually have more sophisticated remarks – and their opinions are the most interesting to listen!

At the occasion of an upcoming premiere of Fifa 18, Media Expert, a popular electronics chain store, organized a contest for football fans. Their task was to establish the best squad of 6 players and justify why a certain team would win with everyone else. Of course, the whole process is carried out through a Post Sticker Smart App, which is embedded into a single post and makes it possible to conduct a contest without mandatory transmitting users to a landing page, though such option is presented on the last screen. Nowadays people unwillingly leave Facebook, so lack of gates makes it more accessible and popular!


Organizing contests is a great tool when it comes to promoting brands, but the right frame
and place are essential to get the best of their potential. If you want to know how we can enrich your marketing campaign, just get in touch with us at

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