Milka wants to know how are you today… Describe your mood with a #!


Significant part of Milka’s campaign strategy wanders around gentleness and emotions. Post Sticker has become a part of it by developing a Smart App that allowed users to express their mood.

Milka’s fans and News Feed visitors would comment with a hashtag and the slopes of results would grow proportionally. It correlates nicely with the reaction faces on Facebook! Plus, the name of last voter would appear in the center on the app. It’s another case where our hashtag voting mechanism was used successfully – during two weeks from the post publication it gained over 200 comments and over 1K of likes and reactions. The hashtag controlling scheme can have countless applications in diferent apps. Basically, we can make lots of different thing happen inside an app and hand people the steering wheel. It can be a mood description like in this case, but also a poll, hot/not, placing a bet on match results or anything else. Such a simple Smart App has another advantage. It sends a nice message from brand to its customers – we care about you and we wanna know what’s up!


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