Mix, compose, imagine – how Emirates Airlines created ice cream flavours on Facebook!


Emirates had their concept of “Taste the World Tour’’ with various ice cream flavours. Yet, one region was still to be classified and taste-sorted – the Indian Ocean. So, the concept was: Let’s crowd-source it and get some nice social media engagement at the same time!

That’s where we step into the action – We’ve developed a Smart App where users could mix the ingredients step by step, to create a unique ice cream flavour. By pressing buttons, users could choose the main flavour, additions, subtle notes, and so on. Banana with curry and coconut? Yes! Pinapple with rice and saffron? Sure, everything depended on users taste. The app, after the composing was finished, commented on the users’ choices and offered a sharing option. Along with that, it led to a landing page with a classification, so users could see if their composition was anywhere close to the front of the race – the race to become the Emirates official Indian Ocean ice cream flavour! There was also a photo competition with the prize of two flight tickets, sounds delicious!

Do you intend to compose an appetizing social media promotion? Be cool, just hit us up at contact@poststicker.com.


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