Nju mobile scores checkmate with their branded Reflex game, three times in a row!

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Here is the thing we enjoy the most; our partners coming back with fresh ideas for even better use of branded News Feed games. There are two way you may want to look at it. First, recurrent clients are a sign of either well done job by our team, or their decent level of satisfaction. Second, they want to take their chances once again and make better use of our game formats as far their customization and engagement rate is concerned. Or maybe, it’s just good value for money our partners appreciate so much. One way or another we feel even better when a client comes back with not one single idea, but three at a time! Big time!

Remember, Nju mobile, the Ogilvy-serviced mobile network we were so proud to take care of some time ago? Level-pro in content marketing? Well, they’re here again. This time with another great branded games adaptation in compliance with Nju mobile new marketing campaign – scold them costs! Being one of the cheapest mobile network providers, Nju mobile has decided to illustrate what they really mean by scolding, in an emphatic way – actually three various ways.


The good old Reflex game, where a player simply strikes objects popping out from various holes scattered around the board couldn’t find a better customer. Guys at Ogilvy went for checkmate and scored, they transformed the default Reflex game engine into three various sceneries; a golf-field, a Mars-like planet and a road. Every single one of them was well-thought through, they just couldn’t find better spots for presenting holes! Not only did the brand have used its main character – the potato guy, but has also introduced a new one – the villain – Mr. Cost. That was the one you were supposed to scold, the Potato was innocent! Two brand heroes, great sceneries, three games released one after another and everything perfectly adjusted to the main campaign theme.

They all deserved good results with over 18k game views and more than 6k players taking part in the great and engaging content-based Facebook marketing campaign. Take a look at the screens below and see it yourself.

Should you need any assistance or would like us to give you a hand at picking and designing your branded game just drop us a line. We’re ready to help!

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