No matter what kind of driver you are, there is always some space for improvement!


Every year government agencies publish reports about number of accidents on the roads
and the statistics rarely decrease. It is impossible to cut this number to zero, however it’s still worth trying to limit the accidents to the minimum and promoting good driving habits is definitely one of the ways we should take to do so.

Bank Zachodni WBK, a bank originating from Santander group, runs a campaign targeted
at drivers. Its main goal is to spread the rules of responsible behavior on the roads and encourage people to learn how to provide first aid. The whole campaign couldn’t be efficient
if people didn’t participate actively, so the marketers from BZWBK turned to make their action more engaging and interactive. This time we prepared a personality quiz which analyzes what kind of driver you are. All result screens invite the users to get acquainted with free materials about responsible driving. Thanks to that the company improves its CSR image, entertains its followers and increases its CTRs!


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