No option of spending the Pizza Day in Italy? Guseppe gives you an alternative and a contest, through a Smart App!


In today’s world nearly every day is assigned to something. There are specific days about we rather don’t care, like January 20th – Day of knowledge about penguins, or April 19th – Garlic Day, but February 9th surely doesn’t belong to this group. Post Sticker team celebrates International Pizza Day much more often than once in a year, but seeing that there is one, very special day commemorated to pizza… why not celebrate that in some unique way?

On this occasion, Dr Oetker – producer of Pizza Guseppe – launched our app, which asks about user’s taste and matches it to right kind of pizza. What is more, the last and optional step is to answer how you are going to spend the Pizza Day. Fifty most creative answers are awarded with cinema tickets and designer pizza cutters.


We are glad that our app made some people Pizza Day better. Now that’s our turn to celebrate it, no matter what day it is, contact us anytime:

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