One of the most popular TV shows reinvented and playable in News Feed. This is how ASUS engages their followers. A must see! #WheelOfFortune


ASUS, a brand that would probably not be on the top list associated with fun and entertainment, has gone wild in December and engaged their followers in a very unique way. Unique is the least to say, this is the first time ever when a brand has gone live and broadcasted a Wheel of Fortune in News Feed! and it was us who developed the Live App!

The rules were as follows; ASUS invited their followers to take part in their interaction, and comment on the Live post with the letters they would like to uncover in order to guess the hidden phrase. Everything was taking place Live and when posting comments people could uncover the letters.


All votes mattered – fans posted comments, their Live Reactions and our Live App not only calculated everything, but also said how many interactions were left to get the next letter uncovered. The first person to guess the slogan was awarded with a brand new Zenphone. People went crazy, and that was exactly what we were hoping for; all you have to do is just hit the right chord, in this case innovative interaction based on sentiment!


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Reactions: 2,1k
Comments: 6,6k
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If you’re thinking about something similar or would like to see what we can come up with for your marketing campaign, juts drop us a line! We go creative quite often :)

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