Open text contest in News Feed? Impossible is nothing – Iwostin Laboratories knows

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Do you remember Iwostin Laboratories and their On the Spot – News Feed game that the brand has implemented a few weeks ago? We hope you do, but if not take a look here. Well, our partners have come back to us, apparently satisfied with the level of interaction their interactive post has reached! This time their supported agency K2 Internet has chosen our Post Stickers smart apps and decided to go for a dedicated format – an open-type of question contest run in News Feed. But, wait… they have also embedded the interactive post outside Facebook on a dedicated landing-page. It’s a one-click thing really, but let’s start from the scratch.

Iwostin Laboratories had that idea of running a contest for their Facebook community. The whole thing was about collecting sales leads and engaging people in a nice and interesting interaction and some catchy awards. We thought, if that’s the case why not run an open question type of quiz – modify the Trivia app and apart from a regular type of quiz question pose one that requires a bit of creativity. Said and done, Iwostin Laboratories geared with their sleek News Feed open-text contest app has engaged their fans on Facebook and outside without a single need for logging into their FB accounts.


Would you like to become an Iwostin cosmetics personal tester? Who wouldn’t! The result speak for themselves. The post has been opened 3000 times. We have collected 900 of creative works. Happy again!

If you’re brand would like to get their own open-question contest, or effective post engagement – drop us a line. We’ll be happy to help you out!

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