Orange introduced a gift hunting game with a chance of a brand new phone for Christmas… Check if you are as fast as their Internet connection and let the hunt begin!


Orange is a global telecommunication provider. They wanted to engage their customers with an attraction-gaining content and in the same time present their offer in a fun and effective way.

That is why they asked us for a customized Stick&Play game, created especially for them. The message was simple: fast mobile Internet connection, #1 phone network, and Christmas gifts giveaway. We immediately thought of a game-based contest, where the fastest gift-catchers will be able to get brand new phone! The game was based on the well tested reflex game scenario, one of 18 ready to play, customize and brand. You can see them here.

The main task for the players was to catch as many gifts as they could in the fastest possible way. After achieving a satisfying score they went to the next stage of the contest, where they had to answer a question: „What is the thing you are #1 in, and why?” in the comment section.
This is an even more interesting part of the contest, where users had to get really creative.


CLICK HERE to see how the app worked live on Facebook!

As you can see, our creative team can perfectly adjust our Smart Apps and Stick&Play games to your brand strategy, mission and vision! We are always up for a challenge and able to adapt our solutions to any type of market, branch, or target group. If you are interested just hit us up at and let us boost your social media traffic through the roof!

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