Orange plays numbers with their branded News Feed games

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Back in the days when mobiles were a luxury you could get a sleek looking number…yeah right! It has never been true, but today is. Orange mobile network provider has introduced such service recently and they’ve done in a truly innovative way. No sim-cards flipping in front of the clerk at the mobile shop, no hassle; but you sim-card, put in the phone and pick your number either from the predefined list or by ordering some alternatives with your own preferred numbers. The social media campaign has just been fired off and it’s been managed by a well-known VML, full-service digital marketing agency. Our game engines are there too.

orange_total recall

Within the brand’s engaging communication, such as photos or texts promoting the “pick your number” idea, branded games truly interact with fans by providing content that is engaging, topic-related and challenging. What’s so special about it? There are two things that we’re really proud of. One is that instead of products that are usually promoted by means of our games and displayed on graphics, the Orange feed-gaming campaign solely uses numbers, our engines for Clean Match and Total Recall have just got their new meaning! The second and most important feature is the one that the brand benefits from most – click-throughs. The games are fired off in News Feed, but whenever somebody’s finished playing with numbers, they are just one-click away from being transferred to the landing page with the Orange offer. Instead of being switched to the application they can read more about the whole “Pick your number” service.


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