Ostoya winter limited edition is warming up lucky participants!


Try to imagine – what is your conception of a perfect winter landscape? Would it be a wooden hut with the Tatra mountains in the background, or maybe the streets of New York
on Christmas Eve?

Ostoya incited our imaginations in their contest where they gave us a chance to win a bottle
of their winter limited edition vodka. Those who took part, and especially those who ultimately won the prize will now associate the brand with positive emotions that accompany us when thinking of such ideal places. Evoking positive emotions in your consumers is something you should try to do as often as possible, since later your brand becomes connected with those emotions in people’s minds. Ostoya Vodka is a polish vodka from the top premium segment, that trusted the Post Sticker apps in their marketing campaign.


Marketing is all about arousing interest in the brand. You can do that with the help of positive emotions, which can be born if you take the right actions. Such actions may include using a Post Sticker app in you campaign. Contact us at contact@poststicker.com to find out more.

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