Pan Tadeusz and our app allow you to customize the bottles to make you feel special this Christmas!


What do you think, why handmade gifts are those which we appreciate the most? It seems to be obvious that there are two main reasons; firstly, a fact of putting an effort to make us satisfied is worth more than the money spent on the gifts we buy. Secondly, personalization gives
an original effect, which can’t be provided in case of commonly accessible goods. However,
as we are used to be short of time, some companies personalize their products to meet the need of uniqueness, so you can buy a Coca-Cola bottle with your name at the label or order Nike Air Max with your initials on them.

On the occasion of Christmas holidays Pan Tadeusz, a liquor brand, turned to us for an app which could manage a Facebook contest. Its users’ task was to answer the open question about a special person who deserves to get a name-tailored bottle of vodka. Then, the participants provided both their and their friends’ names. As Christmas is time of meeting wishes
and dreams coming true, some of them won the bottles with unique name-printed labels!


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