Pay & read? No longer since Blik pays you for reading!


What book would you like to get for free or with a price cut? What kind of film or CD? Think it over, because Blik provides discount coupons for every Empik shop (the biggest Polish modern bookstore chain). The only thing you have to do is to answer a question from the beginning of the post.

Blik, as an innovative company providing mobile payment services, surely knows that organizing such promotional campaign is the most effective on social media. When it’s done on a website, nobody is lured by coverage to participate. Oppositely, people getting some real award through Facebook page often leave their like there, so the newsfeed reminds them more often about your brand.


Blik increases its fanbase through discount apps and does it well, but there are lots of other means to do it effectively. If you consider promoting your company in up-to-date way or simply became encouraged to learn more about Post Sticker’s Smart Apps – we are waiting for your message at

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