Pearson gives advice and benefits from it as much as their customers do!


Learning languages by tedious rewriting words is dead as modern tools let you fully use your brain’s abilities to assimilate knowledge. However, people significantly differ, so it’s almost impossible to create one course which will be convenient and useful for all.

That’s why Pearson, a leader in teaching English through textbooks and interactive courses decided to launch a personality quiz, which helps the learners and teachers to choose the right offer. “Which language course fits your character best” is a sign for customers that the publishing house applies high standards and really cares about the quality of their services. That also attracts all those who hesitate about the right choice, because people find personalized products as the most dependable and useful.


Quizzes are great marketing tools in case of most brands, because of their highly engaging effect and creative form which enables marketers to include all information they want.
As Pearson’s example proves, quizzes allow to improve customer service too. If you are curious what can we prepare for you, write to us at

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